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Role of Homelands

The following table gives a clear information about homelands of coins observed in the first contacts during January and February 2002.

Country  Actual  Population %Proportion
of produced coins
NL16 7 9
PO 2 5 6
BE 6 5 4
GR 2 5 4
AU26 4 4
FI 1 2 3
IR 2 2 1
LU 2 0 1

It shows the percentages of the Euro countries with respect to population, produced coin numbers and numbers of reports ( = actual).
Obviously the large neighbour countries of Germany, The Netherlands, France and Austria play a dominant role.
The clear leader is Austria - the winter saison is a simple explanantion.
If the Euro had started in summer, Italy and Spain had had higher figures.

Three maps show the distribution of the report locations for coins from The Netherlands, France und Austria.
The maps show the unsmoothed proportions of reports for the countries in the total number of all reports.

last change: May 6th, 2002