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Behaviour of the Coin Sorts

The mobility of the various coin sorts is obviously different.
The 2 € coin is very mobile, while the 1 Cent is rather immobile.

While only 5.2% of all coins are 2 €, our informants reported 20% 2 € as the first Euro coin they received.

The proportion of produced 20 Cent coins is 12.4%, but the observed proportions were 12.6% in the first decade of January
and 16.5% in the end of February.
Foreign 1 Cent coins are still rare.
While 16.8% of all produced coins are 1 Cent, the observed proportion was in January and February only 6%.

The most frequent foreign coin in Germany was the 2 € from Austria.
So it is a woman, Bertha von Suttner, who is the most mobile European.

An interesting detail: There is a significant difference in the frequency of appearence of 1 € and 2 €.
While the number of 1 € is clearly larger than that of 2 € for Spain, Portugal and Italy,
for The Netherlands, France and Austria the converse is true.

last change: May 6th, 2002