Wave models

Publications to Wave models

  • Damped wave models
  • Klein-Gordon models
  • Wave models with structural damping
  • Theory of oscillations
  • Scattering theory

Evolution equations

Publications to Evolution Equations

  • Schrödinger equations
  • Theory of p-Evolution equations
  • Weakly hyperbolic equations
  • Regularity for nonlinear equations

Elliptic theory

Publications to Elliptic Theory

  • Local solvability for degenerate elliptic operators
  • Hypoellipticity for degenerate elliptic operators
  • Counter-examples of Plis type
  • Carleman type estimates

Models of thermoelasticity

Publications to Thermo-Elasticity

  • Models of type 1, 2 and 3
  • Second sound models
  • Decay estimates
  • Propagation of singularities

Complex Methods for PDE

Publications to Complex Methods for PDE

  • Elliptic systems in the plane
  • Boundary value problems for holomorphic functions

Hele-Shaw flows

Publications to Hele-Shaw flows

  • Regularization for Hele-Shaw models
  • Application of abstract Cauchy-Kovalevsky theory

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