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The Freiberg Euro-Coin Projects

At present in Euro-Europe we can observe the process of mixing the different coins from the 12 Euro countries.
At the end of 2001, each type of Euro coin was still confined to its country, but then they began to cross the borders and to move in Europe.
This process will probably end in a homogeneous mixture of the coins of all countries everywhere in Euro-Europe.
One could speak about a random walk of every coin, which often enough ends in the box of a coin collector;
also my dear wife collects foreign Euro coins.

The Institute of Stochastics of TU Bergakademie Freiberg started two projects in order to observe the Euro mixing process:

Euromobil analysed the first contacts of Germans with foreign coins.
Records were made of the first appearances of foreign Euro coins in the hands of Germans.

Eurodiff studies the mixing or diffusion process over a longer period.
Here foreigners are cordially invited to take part, since that process is a European affair.

The percentages of minted coins are:



So at the end of the mixing process everywhere in Europe 32.9% of the coins will be of German origin and only 2.1% of Finnish, even in Finland.

last change: September 2003