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Statistics of special scales

  • Compositional Data
  • Directions, Axes and Orientations
  • Crystallographic orientation measurements
  • Crystall defects (fission tracks, dislocations)

Statistics and stochastic modelling of Systems

  • Modelling of ecosystems (e.g. Forst Ecology, Limnology)
  • Interaction of physics and stochastic geometries (e.g. Filtration, Properties of random composites, Geometallurgy)
  • Modelling with stochastic differential equations


  • nonlinear geostatistics
  • conditional distributions
  • geostatistics and differential equations

Example Areas of Application

  • forest ecology (e.g. with Prof. Schnittler, Greifswald)
  • limnology (e.g. with Dr. Petzold, Dresden)
  • evolutionary biology (e.g. with Prof. Helbig, Hiddensee)
  • mining (e.g. with Prof. Dimitrakolos, Montreal)
  • geochronology (e.g. with Dr. Jonkeere, Freiberg)
  • geochemistry (e.g. with Dr. Tolosana, Barcellona)
  • mineral resource exploration (e.g. with Prof. Wellmer, Göttingen)
  • material sciences (e.g. with Prof. Kuna, Freiberg)
  • process engineering (e.g. with Prof. Peuker, Freiberg)
  • proteomics (e.g. with Dr. Berth, Greifswald)
  • developmental biology (e.g. with Dr. Vogt, Greifswald)
  • medicin (e.g. with Prof. Schumacher, Freiburg)